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You can now watch the movie trailer for "Pentecost" featuring many of our students from Happy Days School of Performing Arts.
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We were talking about Happy Days this evening and how my daughter felt a lovely welcome from Grainne when she joined the group. Grainne's professionalism, nurturing attitude, and personal encouragement towards each kid there, has made it easier for my daughter to gain confidence, improve, and make friends at drama. That kind of commitment to our child by any teacher is priceless and much appreciated! Thank you very much Grainne x

A Burrows
Date June 1 2016

My Son and Daughter love coming to Happy Days! Every day they ask is today the Happy Days Day? They love the classes they have so much fun and have really grown in confidence since they began! A Big Thank You!
S. Smith
Date April 2016


My daughter has attended Happy Days classes for the last two years. I have found that she really enjoys the games, the role playing and has a keen interest in singing. She likes the teachers and has a very good rapport with them as do they with all the children. She has made a lot of new friends and enjoys meeting up with them every week. The Happy Days classes are full of well mannered and polite children. You can see from them their smiling faces that they all really like going to Happy Days classes too. I feel that the classes give the children that edge to their personality and also feel that the classes help them to grow as individuals. In only two years I have witnessed shy, quiet children turning into outgoing, friendly children who really get involved with their classes and loved the shows. I would seriously recommend Happy Days to anyone.

Deborah Barker
Date: Jun 28, 2010

The Dancing is great fun and helps my concentration.

Emer O'T, Age 11.
Date: Jun 16, 2010

My little girl started with Happy Days two years ago. We've seen her develop from a quiet little girl, into a very talented singer. Happy Days have discovered a talent in her we never knew she had!

Deborah Stapleton
Date: Jun 19, 2010