Casting Agency!

If you have not already sent the completed template to Happy days and you would like to be considered for castings, then:

Please click HERE to see and copy the Required Template!

When copied into Word and filled in, please email the word file to:
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In the subject of the email please fill in the following:

1) Name of child. 2) Boy/girl. 3) DOB. 4) Location 5) Age of Child

OR email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

and we will send you the template! 

Thank you!

From September 2010 we have also offered our Students the opportunity to enrol with us for Casting Agencies if they wish and FREE of charge. Our Students will be put forward to Major Casting agencies to be considered for Film and TV work and Modelling. Happy Days test launched the agency in June 2010 and succeeded in having 12 Students placed in a new Irish film, “Pentecost”.

Since then the number of our students, (and parents!) who have taken part in films, videos and advertisng has been dramatic :)

Read all about what our students and parents have been up to below.

With directors, producers and fellow actors complementing our students on their talent, professionalism and great sense of fun.

If you would like to become involved with our Casting Agencies, it is very simple. When you join our classes you just fill in our Casting Agency form and submit by email two photographs – one head shot and one full length shot. Many agencies have specific requirements. To show your child off to the best possible advantage we hope to offer the opportunity to have their photographs taken to the Agencies requirements, at a minimum charge in the new term. There is no need to get expensive head shots taken in a studio.

We stress that involvement with our casting agencies is optional. We do not want to give our Students unrealistic expectations. We want them to enjoy the experience and have fun. The Casting Agency is not the focus of our classes but it is a NEW and exciting feature we offer.

Newsflash! Trailer for the new Irish Film "Pentecost" featuring many of our students is now available to view on Youtube! Just click here to view!

Also we would like to congratulate Hana Kelly for her performance as "Little Ellie" in "Three wise Women" staring as the young version of Amy Huberman who plays the adult character "Ellie"! See our Gallery Section for Photos! Just Click here to see our production photos!

Congratulations to all our students, (and parents!) who have appeared in "The Cabin", well done and a great time was had by all. Just Click here to see our production photos!

Read about just some of our Happy Days Students Success:

A Big Well done to Beth, Megan and Caoimhe out froming on Damo and Ivor!

The photos looked fab!



Congratulations to Jade Silk Featherston on the


Congratulations to all our Students who performed in the

Unwrapped Festival !

What a magical Day!

Well done to Malachi and Sean on great performances in

Damo and Ivor!

Congratulations to

Beth, Caoimhe & Amy

on marvelous performances in

Damo and Ivor!

Well done to all those involved in the film

  Gourmets Guide to Love !

Congratulations to

Hana Kelly

for her wonderful performance on the

Beo Show!

We have hear a whisper that followning her outstanding performance we well may see Hana again on the Beo show.
So don't forget to keep watching !

Congratulations to Sam Kelly!
Don't forget to keep and eye out for him in the

 Super Value ad!

Congratulations to Hanna in the latest Lidl Ad!

Click here to see the video! 

A big round of applause for Hana's performance in the

Pepper Canister Church

last Friday Night!

Congratulations to all those involved with the launch of the new

YAM website

in Wood Quay!

Your performance was spectacular.
And both the Lord Mayor of Dublin and the Lord Mayor of South County Dublin
thoroughly enjoyed it and our sparkely triblies certainly 
set the tone for an exciting launch and fun filled day.
Well done to all those Happy Days Students who were involved!!

Well done to
Rebecca O' Connor
for her wonderful performance in

'Jigs and Reels'!

A wonderful night and sudden adult death syndrome is such a worthy cause.

A Big Thank You to all the Happy Days Crew who came to support!

Well done to all those in

“Suzie Cohens Holy Communion”

Cant wait to see the photos with

Jim Sheridan!


Congratulations to
Lucy Phibbs
on a magnificent performance
as Beauty in

"Beauty and the Beast"!


Congratulations to Orla, Elaine, Charlotte, Ella, Michelle and Sophie who were involved filming the BBC Drama written by Victoria Wood

" Loving Miss Hatto".

The director complemented you on your wonderful professional performances and attitude!

Happy Days for Oscars!

These are “Happy Days” indeed with the news

that light hearted short film “Pentecost”,

had been nominated for an Oscar!


which featured 12 students, Sophie Byrne Carter, Emily Charles, Andrew Clayton, Matthew Donoghue, Ella O' Neill, Claire Farley, Gillian Kenny, Piers Ryan, Conor Ryan, Aaron Nester, Caoimhe O' Connell and Aoibheen O' Connell.


Happy Days School of Performing Arts!

Well done to all concerned!

For more info and to watch

the trailer click here!

Congratulations also to Barbara, Kate and Sam for their involment in the filming of

"Life's a Breeze".

Well done also to Aaron, Conor, Ella, Gillian, Lucy and Sheila for their recent involvement in the filming of RTE's Restaurant based drama


and all those who were involved in its filming last summer.

I'm sure you all saw Aisling Parkinson over the festive period
in the

Aldi  Mince Pie ad.

To watch Aisling again click here!

Well done to Ciara, Siobhan, Erin and her Mum Niamh with the recent filming of


We loved your costumes!

To view a trailer for Titanic Please Click Here! 


A big round of applause to those students who were involved in the making of the Happy Days School of Performing Arts music video recently! 

It was great fun and the songs sounded wonderful ! Well Done!


  I am sure you have seen Hana Kelly in the latest UPC ad! A big well done to her! You will probably remember Hana when she played

"Little Ellie" in the movie

"Three Wise Women"

with Amy Huberman

To view a trailer for the film staring Hana please Click Here!


The much anticipated movie "The Cabin" has just premiered in America and will be shortly on our shores!
This movie featured many of our students Gillian Kenny, Conor Delaney, Derbhla Walsh, Mathew Bofin, Clarie Mugabo, Victoria Keogh, Anna Fay, Claire Hennessy, Christine Mc Mahon & Alison Young (to name but a few). Oh! And just for a change, some willing Mammys and Daddys also appeared.

Congratulations also to Charlotte Owens and Sean Ryan for the Students Rights Film.

Well done also to Luca Crone, Emma Moyninhan, Ciara Ivie and Lucy Phibbs for the performance in the AA film!

Kathy Young, Aaron Nester, Andrew Clayton and many more appeared in the film

"Chasing Leprechauns"

with Hollywood's own Lea Thompson of "Back to the Future" fame!

You will also have seen Alex Keenan and Andrew Clayton in

"Love / Hate"

on our screens.

Congratulations to Matthew Donoghue for his eagerly anticipated role in


Also congratulations to all those currently involved in filming  at the moment .